Installment loan

An installment loan or all-purpose loan has the great advantage that you are not required to prove what you want to use the money for. Whether you have to pay arrears, buy an old car, have a trip in mind or just want to do everyday shopping, with an installment loan you can do it

Mortgage Bank – Mortgage for a house.

  Mortgage for a family house Get your own home, which you can finance through a mortgage for a house from Techniko Bank. Reliable and professional lender for maximum flexibility and favorable interest rates. The mortgage for a family house is accessible through an online application, with which you can get a mortgage offer tailor-made.

Fast credit loan-online.

Point Credit Loan – New Japanese Loan If you need to borrow several thousand crowns and do not want to go into the clutches of rogue non-banking companies, you might want to use the Point Credit loan. According to independent tests, it is one of the most honest non-banking companies on the Czech market. All

10 rules for taking payday loans

Use only proven companies There are many companies on the market that are not entirely honest with customers. When we need cash quickly, we often don’t notice certain warning signals. And this is a big mistake! At such times, we are most susceptible to fraudsters. Let’s use proven, well-known companies in the rankings. porfel is

How to recover money in a private loan?

What is a private loan? A private loan, unlike an online payday loan, occurs when the lender is a private individual. In accordance with applicable regulations, this type of financial transaction may be confirmed by an oral agreement. However, for loans over PLN 500, it is worth making a document confirming the financial transfer between

Online loans during the holiday season.

  Christmas advertisements, decorations in shops and decorations hung on the main city streets and pedestrian streets remind us more and more about the upcoming Christmas. This is a hot period for the Newech industry, which is experiencing a real boom in December. IndusCom and BillSite check what the holiday season looks like in the