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Online Demo

The online demo (links at bottom of page) provided here allows you to browse a working version of the Simplex Database admin system, along with the workings of its applications and the full version of Encore Web Forum II. You are able to create and edit objects and content, use the template editor, test administration features and put your hands on just about every feature available.

Before entering the demo, please read through the information below, as it contains important information that you need to know.


  • The demo provides full access to a working instance of Simplex Database, with a fully working installation of Encore Web Forum II and the pre-made applications included with Simplex.

  • The admin system is password protected. You will usually be logged in automatically, but if prompted to log in at any stage, you should use a username of Tourist and a password of password. Both of these are case sensitive, so ensure that you use an upper case "T" in "Tourist". When browsing the forum or admin system of Encore Web Forum II, use a username of Administrator and a password of password instead.

  • The demo is reset regularly, restarting itself with fresh content and a clean slate for the benefit of new visitors. This occurs at 04:00 each morning, by the server's time. The server's time is currently 11:32. If you are browsing the demo at the time it is reset, you may experience some disruptions, as well as loss of anything that you have created or changed.

Rules, restrictions and warnings

  • Please be aware that other users may have used the system before you, be using it at the same time as you and be using it after you. Don't do anything destructive, or create any sort of content that you wouldn't want the neighbours' kids to see. You are free to create your own table, query, form and report objects to test out the system, as well as work with logs, play with templates or change any settings. Please avoid editing any of tables, queries, forms and reports of the pre-made applications or Encore, as you may disrupt them for other users until such time as the demo is refreshed again. Instead, create your own file for testing through the File Manager page, and play around with it, where you have full freedom without causing disturbance. We can tolerate honest mistakes that may cause problems, so don't be too scared of trying things, but please respect the intentions of other visitors.

  • Be aware that other users may have accidentally damaged the applications that you want to look at so that they do not work properly. If you find any odd errors, chances are that this has occurred, rather than it being a problem in the software itself.

  • Despite the rules, you should be aware that others users could potentially have created or added inappropriate content to the system, such as offensive language, abusive, violent or sexually explicit material. All users are warned of this possibility, and as such, use of the demo system is entirely at your own risk. Aborior cannot take responsibility for any such content. If such content is found to exist, it should disappear at the next refresh of the system, or when an Aborior staff member manually refreshes it.

  • If you find inappropriate content in the system, or if particular areas do not seem to be working, please contact demo@aborior.com so that a manual refresh of the system can be arranged.

  • All e-mail functions have been disabled to protect against mass-mailing abuse. Most renaming, deletion, security and SQL database functions have also been disabled to help keep the applications together for other users, and to close potential security holes.

  • You may encounter some problems due to the browser that you are using. In particular, the admin system menu will only work on JavaScript enabled browsers, and the template editor will only work in Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later. In the distribution software, an alternative menu bar and template editor are provided for other browsers, but they are not available in this demo.

Once you are ready to enter the demo, simply visit the login page. If you wish to look at any particular application, first log into the admin system, then select the application that you want from the second menu, click the Open button, and then select the File interface item from the third menu, and click the Go button. Alternatively, if you are only interested in a particular application, you can head straight to it:

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