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This page allows you to download any of Aborior's products. Some files may be downloaded for free, while others are licensed scripts. Licensed scripts are marked with a padlock icon Licensed script. To download such scripts, you will first need to purchase a licence. Then, when you select to download the file, you will be prompted for your allocated username and password to be able to download.

Some users have reported problems in these files after downloading with download accelerator software. If you are using such software, you may need to disable it to successfully complete the download of any files on this page.

Simplex Database

Fill in the quick form below to determine which file you should download.

I'm running a operating system on my own computer
My server is running a operating system
I'm wanting to download the version of Simplex Database

There are two ways to install Simplex Database. One is using an automatic installation program. The other is manually, by editing configuration details in some files. Full instructions are provided with the software, in the manual.pdf or install.htm files. Only the win files listed below contain the automated setup program, but can be used for installing on any type of server, just as long as you are running Windows on your own computer. For manual installations, download a win file if your server is running Windows or a unix file if your server is running a Unix flavour. If you are unsure which file to download, feel free to contact support@aborior.com for advice.

Lite version
simplexlitewin1-24.zipZIP Archive3736 KBFree script
simplexliteunix1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive2030 KBFree script

Full version
simplexwin1-24a.zipZIP Archive4186 KBLicensed script
simplexwin1-23a.zipZIP Archive3696 KBLicensed script
simplexwin1-22b.zipZIP Archive3624 KBLicensed script
simplexunix1-24a.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive2263 KBLicensed script
simplexunix1-23a.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive2064 KBLicensed script
simplexunix1-22b.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive1991 KBLicensed script

The full version of Simplex Database generally requires Perl 5.005 or later. In some cases, an earlier version of Perl may be installed on your server, most notably Perl 5.004.

If this is the case, download version 1.22b from above (simplexunix1-22b.tar.gz or simplexwin1-22b.zip), and extract the file into a new directory. Then, download the file below and extract it into the same directory. This will overwrite the scripts in the usual distribution with the Perl 5.004 compatible scripts in the distribution below. Proceed with setup as normal from there.

Perl 5.004 compatible fileTypeSize
simplexoldperl1-22a.zipZIP Archive204 KBLicensed script


Applications for Simplex Database and SimplexLite may be downloaded separately. However, all applications provided for download here are also included in both the full and lite versions of Simplex Database. If you are downloading one of the SimplexLite or full version Simplex Database files above, there is no need to download any of the files listed here.

Encore Web Forum IITypeSize
encore2-13.zipZIP Archive1329 KBLicensed script
encore2-13.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive971 KBLicensed script

Other ApplicationsTypeSize
UserPoll-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive75 KBFree script
UserPoll-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive23 KBFree script
Random-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive24 KBFree script
Random-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive9 KBFree script
News-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive49 KBFree script
News-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive16 KBFree script
MailingList2-win-2-01.zipZIP Archive112 KBFree script
MailingList2-win-2-00.zipZIP Archive111 KBFree script
MailingList2-unix-2-01.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive37 KBFree script
MailingList2-unix-2-00.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive38 KBFree script
MailingList-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive71 KBFree script
MailingList-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive25 KBFree script
Mailer-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive26 KBFree script
Mailer-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive11 KBFree script
LinkManager-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive43 KBFree script
LinkManager-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive15 KBFree script
Guestbook-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive32 KBFree script
Guestbook-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive13 KBFree script
Forum-win-2-13.zipZIP Archive717 KBFree script
Forum-unix-2-13.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive569 KBFree script
Counter-win-1-24.zipZIP Archive56 KBFree script
Counter-unix-1-24.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive20 KBFree script
Classified.zipZIP Archive67 KBFree script
Calendar-win-1-00.zipZIP Archive41 KBFree script
Calendar-unix-1-00.tar.gzGzipped TAR Archive15 KBFree script

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