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Simplex Database

Aborior's Simplex Database is a broad and versatile tool for developing and driving dynamic content in your web sites. Use Simplex to interface with an SQL database such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, or use its own built in and highly portable binary file database, capable of running on any CGI enabled web site. Easily develop your own applications responding to the unique needs of your site by using tables, queries, forms, reports, security controls, vast template options and a myriad of other special features. Also, use Simplex as a one-stop script for your entire web site, making use of the many high quality "pre-made" applications bundled with the software, including a user poll, news manager, guestbook, web counter, mailing list, link manager and random content manager.

At its heart Simplex Database is a three pronged system with many uses. It is a database, a development tool and a collection of applications. To learn more about the particular aspects that you are interested in, use any of the links below:

The full version of Simplex Database retails for $250 Australian dollars (approx US$190.00), including the full version of Encore Web Forum, free support from Aborior's responsive team, and a full year of free upgrades to the software. You can purchase Simplex Database online using your credit card, through Aborior's secure order form. A free version of Simplex, SimplexLite, is also available for trial, evaluation and small-scale non-commercial use. The full version will give you many more exciting features, and much more power to create, customise and use.

Be sure to drop by the community to see what others are saying and to ask any questions, as well as check out the free trial version of the software, SimplexLite.

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Create relational databases with tables, queries, forms, reports and security controls

Rapidly create your own applications for the particular needs of your site

Use a collection of high quality, "pre-made" applications, including a guestbook, user poll, mailing list, news script and link manager

Import/Export data from applications such as Microsoft Excel and Access

Easy install program to automatically configure, upload and set permissions on files for you. Avoid chmod!

Get support all the way with full documentation, online help system, wizards and backup from an online community and responsive support team

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